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TPU Color
Adjustable GoPro Mount (+$12.00)
GEPRC H8 Sleeve (+$5.00)
DJI Lens Protector (+$4.00)
VISTA M2 Hardware (+$4.00)
3" Prop Guards (+$10.00)
3" Guarded filming platform & 5" Ultralight freestyle rig
20x20 M3 stack and 20x20 M2 DJI Vista ready
12x12 Motor pattern
Full-size & naked GoPro mount
FREE to print 3D parts
Starts at only 54g

We're back! And starting with the first of our many new versatile filming and freestyle rigs after the past couple of years gaining first hand experience in the Hollywood production world. 

This ANTIWHOOP platforms duties start with indoor, proximity, and safe flight around people, to breaking out of the typical whoop class and allowing for ultralight 5" freestyle performance, all on the same frame. It's basically everything a whoop is, and isn't. 

The ANTIWHOOP is not designed to be a sub 250g filming setup. Those builds have proven too light and small to be reliable and stable, especially when it comes to carrying a full-size GoPro which offers much more reliability and much faster settings changes that are required on set. The ANTIWHOOP is also not in the same class as larger, heavier, and louder, ducted cinewhoops which can end up weighing as much as regular 5" freestyle frames. 

Instead this build is meant to fit right in the middle. It has a wider 5" stance for stability with 3" props. It uses 7g guards instead of adding 100g+ in duct weight. And its perfectly happy flying high capacity 3s batteries instead of requiring doubly heavy 6s batts.

Had the Ethix Cinerat offered longer arms last year at the time this frame was conceived that I may have chosen it for the projects I was working on. However the requirement for stability with a suitably wide prop stance to compensate for the top heavy full-size GoPro was paramount, as was weight, with the prop protection on the Cinerat making it heavier than fullsize 5" frames. 

Compare the specs below to see how the ANTIWHOOP stacks up against similar products.

One difference to acknowledge is the removable arm construction of the above frames (largely contributing to their weight). With this lighter unibody build and increased strength from the arm bracing, the ANTIWHOOP is still a comparatively durable frame.

I used this frame extensively on CBS's TOUGH AS NAILS competition reality show where it was flown in a number of different indoor and outdoor environments, and in very close proximity to contestants during various physical challenges. 

Its on set debut was with Mary J. Blige for 'THE CALL', Pepsi Super Bowl Half Time Show trailer. Most recently it has been used for the upcoming series of THE VOICE, and Jojo Siwa's new project. 

Kit Parts:
  • 1 x 3mm unibody base plate
  • 1 x 2mm top plate
  • 4 x 20mm standoffs
  • Flexible camera mounting
  • Immortal T mounts
  • Caddx antenna mount*
  • Strap
  • Microfiber lens cloth

*the included antenna in newer Vista kits might not be incompatible with the included TPU mount. This is due to its tube being the same width as the UFL which means it cannot be threaded through a TPU hole of sufficient size to hold the antenna in place making it a poor design for secure mounting. I recommend the older antenna, or its extended version, or increasing the width of the new stock antenna with tape. 

  • Adjustable GoPro Mount
  • GEPRC Naked GoPro Sleeve
  • 3" Ducts
  • M2 Vista mounting Hardware
  • DJI lens protector

Standardized 20mm spacing is used for GoPro attachment, and both front and rear standoffs if you want to design your own TPU mounts. 

Suggested Build Parts:

Sample Weights:
(no battery or GoPro)

  • Frame w/ hardware and prints: 54g
  • 4 x prop gurads: 28g
  • 5" HD ultralight build : 210g
    • (15g 1804 motors, 5x2x3 props, Vista and fullsize cam, Newbee Infinity200 stack)
  • 3" HD guarded build: 270g
    • (20g 2005.5 motors, Gemfan 5 blade props, guards, adjustable GoPro mount with hardware, H8 sleeve)

Flight Times:

  • My favorite battery is Tattu Fun Fly 1300 4s (closely followed by 1550). Can get close to 8 minutes slow fly through speed. Naked Hero 10 recommended. 
  • 4.5 minuted GoPro 8 1100mah 4s 1804.5 3"
  • 6 minutes naked GoPro 1850mah 3s 2005.5 3" 
  • 2-4 minutes 5" freestyle (depends heavily on environment and throttle abuse) 

ProTip: With the same motor able to spin 3 and 5" props I tend to opt for a higher kv and throttle limit when needed. Just keep and eye on amp draw and flight time to adjust. No drawback to throttle limiting. 

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