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Arm Size
TPU Color
Antenna Mount
Adjustable GoPro Mount (+$12.00)
Vista M2 Hardware (+$4.00)
DJI Lens Protector (+$4.00)
Hero 8 Sleeve (+$6.00)
Hero 10 Sleeve (+$6.00)

5-6" + 6-7" arm lengths
Converts from deadcat to true-x 
No props in view for zero tilt filming 
Increase prop size in true-x layout
30x30 + 20x20 m3 center stack
Rear 20x20 m2 VTX mountable
16x19 motor pattern
Chamfered carbon
Battery Pad
Starts at 110g

Replacing the RS+ series as Hyperlow's minimalist, lightweight frame, the B-SIDE will have you covered for HD and analog, freestyle and cinematic, midrange and long range, prop free live streaming, and more.

The main trick up its sleeve is being able to switch from deadcat to true-x with just a flip of the arm (i.e. going from A-side to B-side ;) This move also bumps you up a prop size, turning your 5" build to a 6", and your 6" to a 7" if needed. 
This frame was conceived over a year ago when I was brought on to build and fly for Discovery Channels GETAWAY DRIVER. After having brought 4 big bags of different dimensioned arms for the RS+ frame to accommodate different arm layouts and prop sizes should Erodyo, Cricket, and I need to switch out for more speed, I decided it was time the RS+ had an overhaul to make just one arm design do the job of four. 

This means that neither you nor I need worry that we are carrying the right spares should we need a replacement. The back arm is the same as the front arm, is the same as the deadcat arm, is the same as the true-x arm, is the same as the 5" arm, is the same as the 6" arm. 

Taking construction cues from the AIRSHOT in use of a central spine, the B-SIDE arms sit fully locked and disconnected from the FC stack, with the need for just 1 bolt to secure them in place. Unscrew the bolt, flip the arm and your frames versatility allows for zero tilt prop free HD streaming and filming in a deadcat layout, or an increase in efficiency or speed by propping up a size in the true-x layout.
NOTE: the VISTA lives on!! Despite Caddx dropping production in favor of Walksnail, the Vista unit is now branded by RunCam and remains on the market.

The frame body doesn't change between 5-6" and 6-7" kit choices, just the included arm length. The frame fits a 30x30 and 20x20 m3 center stack,  20x20 m2 HD VTX, and has room up top for a 110mm battery (2200mah)

Early proto with NewBee all-in-one

The reason there are still two arm options (despite this design preaching for just one) comes down to motor performance. 7" props benefit from a much larger motor than 5". So while they both can overlap with 6", you will likely want ~2408 (minimum) on a 6-7" rig and stick with ~2306 on the 5-6" rig. 

As usual all mounting points are standardized so all your existing Hyperlow GoPro mounts will fit. To reiterate: FC 30.5x30.5 for the GoPro, with 30.5mm spacing for the camera standoff, and 20mm spacing at the rear. 

20mm standoff width Caddx antenna and SMA print options

VISTA mounting hardware

6-7" in a True X 7" Config and 2408.5 motors.

5-6" in a Deadcat 5" Config with 2207.5 motors

5" B-Side filmed with rear mounted GoPro on a HYPERLOW AIRSHOT                                 Prop free live-streaming in a deadcat layout by @astonishots + @blvcam
 Shadow boxing with Will Smith and 5" B-Side set to zero tilt filming.                                              7" B-Side chasing Mclaren at Thunderhill Raceway, Willows CA


Bolt guide from underside view. 

  • 5-6" carbon  99g
  • 6-7" carbon  104g
  • 5-6" build  ~365g
  • 6-7" build ~420g
Kit Parts:
  • Carbon
  • 4 x 6mm arms
  • 1 x 6mm spine
  • 1 x 2mm top plate
  • 1 x 2mm bottom plate
  • 1 x 2mm brace plate
  • 1 x 2mm cam bumper
  • 3D Prints
  • Camera mounts (18-20mm width)
  • Immortal T mounts
  • Antenna mount
  • M3 hardware
  • 20mm standoffs
  • battery pad
  • 2 x straps
  • lens cloth
  • Optiona Extras
  • Adjustable GoPro mount
  • H8 and H10 Sleeve
  • M2 Vista mounting hardware
  • DJI Cam lens protector
Recommended Electronics:
5-6" Build
  • 20x20 or 30x30 stack
  • DJI Vista or analog VTX
  • Crossfire or ELRS RX
  • 2306, 2207, 2206, 2205 motors
  • HQ 5" S-series, 6x4x3 props
  • 1100-2200mah lipo battery
  • 3000-4000mah li-ion battery
6-7" Build
  • 2408-2808 motors
  • 6x4x3, 7x3.5x3, 7x4x3
  • 1300-2200mah lipo battery
  • 3000-4000mah li-ion battery

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