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Lean, light, and compact. 

A top-mount stretched X for both racing and freestyle. 

  • 5" and 6" arm options (5mm)
  • 4" arm options for 14xx and 22xx motors (4mm)
  • Hyperlow GoPro couch 
  • Battery and VTX antenna pads
  • RX antenna mounts and straws
  • 3 x Hyperlow Straps
  • Pressnut assembly
  • Steel or titanium hardware.
  • 30x30 + 20x20 x 2 mounting
  • 15mm standoffs
  • Micro cam mounts
  • Soft-mount arm protection
  • Compatible with Vert Racer dome
This frame is a result of the continued evolution of the Hyperlow series. It has been inspired by the practicality of being able to use Vert Freestyle arms on the Vert Racer in order to carry a GoPro on a race style frame. Its design has been influenced by the forked arm concept of the CG, along with their underside placement and bracing of the Modular.  And it also continues in the traditional Hyperlow format of being able to be built at any height down to 10mm for balanced CoG. 

Its light weight and lean format makes it a perfect racer. With titanium hardware it weighs less than some of the most popular pod style underslung frames. The included GoPro couch then makes it an insanely competitive freestyle frame, and the first top mount, stretched-x Hyperlow in that category. 

Ideal 5" setup:
  • 2207 motors
  • Micro cam
  • Micro RX (Frsky/Crossfire/Spektrum)
  • 4in1 + FC (eg. Pyro stack)
  • Unify or pigtail VTX
  • Stubby antenna or UFL Axii
Ideal battery length: ~72mm (eg. Pyrodrone 4s 1300 + 1600 + 5s 1250)

Freestyle weight (props/gopro/battery): 540g+ (steel hardware)

More pics to follow.

Feedback: hyperlowframes@gmail.com // https://www.facebook.com/groups/784532865043719/

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