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Part Number:1001
  • Type:5" Top Mount Freestyle Frame
  • Features:3mm Quick Change Arms
  • Carries:1300-1500mah lipo + GoPro Session
  • Dimensions :162mm x 166mm

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Standoff Size
This HYPERLOW is a new breed of top mounted 5" freestyle frame.

With a fully enclosed and recessed camera, traditional 35mm standoffs are a thing of the past. The HYPERLOW allows for a *10mm* AIO build, or 15mm and 20mm stack builds.

Lower standoffs equals lower center of gravity, meaning tighter handling and increased performance when coupled with an optimized motor layout. 

Key to the modular build is a quick change arm system. With only two bolts to remove, and a single motor to unscrew, an arm can be replaced in just a couple of minutes without disturbing the FC stack.  

Check our recommended parts tab to optimize your build. 

GoPro Session mount available HERE

*Hyperlow frames are designed around an HS1177 style camera body (26mm x 26mm, center mount hole). Similar form factors can be housed, however perfect compatibility with a 10mm build and included camera mounts is not guaranteed. 

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