Vert Freestyle

Vert Freestyle

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Key Features:

    • Mid-mount 5" freestyle frame
    • Vertical ams
    • Stretched X
    • 10mm + 15mm hardware
    • GoPro Mount
    • Double strap plate
    • 3 Battery straps
    • Lateral battery mounting option
    • RX antenna mounts, straws and caps
    • Battery and antenna pads
    • Pressnut assembly
    • Offset rear prop plane
    • Ships with extra arm
    • Micro cam only - mounts included
    • NEW Component mounting shelves (free to print)

Big brother to the Vert Racer, this low profile - stretched X - mid-mount - vertical arm design (developed by Bob Roogi) now carries a GoPro! Mount included.

Build at a Hyperlow 10mm with an AIO and ESC's on arms, or at 15mm with the included carbon spacers for a 4 in 1 + FC stack build. (Spedix 30a and Revolt is an effortless fit).  Both sets of hardware included. 

The 5mm carbon arm spacers used for a 15mm build even allow you to offset the front and rear prop planes by raising the rear arms for cleaner air, avoiding prop wash. 

The frame maintains a slim body profile thanks to the strap plate borrowed from the Unibody series. This allows for dual straps use without compromising main plate integrity, and adds a lateral battery mounting option. The battery is also cushioned by a custom neoprene pad, along with a smaller pad for the VTX antennas SMA 


Lowering the battery all the way into the prop plane gives the most neutral control possible. Motors do not have to work as hard to balance a higher CG, making for more fluid control and much smoother transitions. Fast acro maneuvers are effortless, and the acceptable tuning window is greatly increased. Feels just like a sim. 

Ships with free spare arm. 
(Arms also compatible with the Racer)

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