Vert Racer

Vert Racer

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        10mm build only. no extras

Full Kit
        + Battery and antenna pads  
        + 2 x Hyperlow battery straps
        + 15mm hardware and carbon spacers
        + TPU camera dome 
        *10mm hardware still included. 

This Hyperlow mid-mount racing frame features a new approach to arm design developed by Bob Roogi (Hyperlite/Floss); a double stack assembly with all the benefits of a vertical arm, and none of the drawbacks.

At 10mm tall and 4.5mm wide, the arms allow for the motor mount to be cut from the layer, with the bottom layer adding extremely rigid support and the benefit of aerodynamic positioning. The arms then double as standoffs, with the kit only needing a total of two for camera mounting. 

Mid-mount battery positioning helps gives the frame fluid maneuverability, while a double strap plate and adequate prop berth can house up to a 1600 (Who Cares:) lipo safely.

Component requirements for this frame is a micro or mini FPV camera, and naked bottom motors (although some full bottom motors will fit around the arm bolt eg. Emax 2306.)

For additional support, and to provide feedback, please refer to the Hyperlow Pilot Page on Facebook. 

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